The km0 restaurant is ready to welcome you according to the values that have distinguished it since it opened: here you have the opportunity to savor traditional dishes, prepared exclusively with genuine, zero-kilometer products that the chefs undertake to harvest every morning from our vegetable garden.

Everything is produced on the farm, from the bread prepared with sourdough, to the various types of pasta cooked the old-fashioned way, to the tasty sauces

La Tenuta also has an in-house pastry chef who delights guests with tasty desserts and fresh homemade ice cream

The philosophy of the Tenuta di Santo Stefano Agri Resort & Spa

The Chef Davide Greggio has acquired awareness and experience by putting them at the service of La Tenuta His cuisine aims to convey respect for raw materials and the use of local resources through innovative genuine dishes and great local classics He proposes a constantly evolving menu, a journey through flavours and contrasts, a stimulation of taste, smell and sight that will make you (re)discover good food, without ever forgetting the roots from which good food comes. A union of tradition and flair, led by memories, in a journey that will take you on an ever-evolving experience

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